We believe that not all work need to be done sitting by the desk 9-6. Work can be done equally efficient, if not more efficiently, if we let people work autonomously. However, providing flexible work arrangements is more than about putting in appropriate policies/guidelines. It is about a change in mindset. We hope that with more success cases, more employers will consider and adopt this approach.
我們相信不是所有工作都是需要於9至6 在辦公室內做。工作是可以在僱員自主下有效的進行。但我們亦明白,彈性工作不止是紙上談兵。我們需要改變我們的思維。我們希望更多的成功個案可以鼓勵更多公司採取彈性工作安排。
The ability to work according to one’s schedule is very important to many people. For example, moms/dads want to work and at the same time attend their kids’ important events without feeling the pressure to ask for time off. And for retirees, they look for jobs that give them time to enjoy life. FlexiTalentHub truly thinks that flexible work arrangements can benefit both employers (especially start-ups/SMEs) and talents. And we want to encourage more companies to adopt flexible work arrangements for employees. But it seems that many employers are still skeptical about it, know little about the various kinds of arrangements, not sure how to begin, or have not even considered it.

每個人都想善用和掌握怎樣用自己的時間。例如父母想參與小朋友重要的活動,但向公司請假又感到壓力。又例如退休人士都想享受生活,但又想退而不休,不斷增值。 FlexiTalentHub認為彈性工作真正可以令僱主(尤其是start-ups及中小企)及人才得益。所以我們希望更多公司能夠安排彈性工作給員工。但現實是很多公司對此有懷疑,或對彈性工作安排不什了解,又或不知怎樣開始,甚至重未考慮。
FlexiTalentHub hopes to achieve two main aims- to Educate and to Act.

The Education part comprises two sections: (1) a Resources section that provides information on how flexible work arrangements work worldwide; and (2) a Case Studies section to share employers/employees experiences on what work and what don’t.

The Action part offers a platform where we hope employers post/offer flexible work arrangements and candidates who are looking for a lifestyle change to post/register their talents on our site. The reason for using this to promote flexible work arrangements is because we want to provide a platform where people can actually do it instead of just talking about it!

教育方面,我們提供(1)資源部分,提供世界其他地方如何有效實行彈性工作安排; 及(2) 個案部分,分享其他公司成功及失敗的經驗。

1. Share your stories with us! Whether you are an employee or employer, tell us your success stories on flexible work so that we can share with others. Or if you know anyone we can talk to, let us know too.

2. Post or register on our website - whether you are looking for a candidate or a job with flexible work arrangements.
1. 與我們分享你的故事!無論你是僱員或僱主,告訴我們你的成功個案好讓我們可以與其他人分享。或如你知道我們可與什麼人傾談,亦可告訴我們。

2. Post及/或登記 - 無論是有工作找人​​做,或在找工作,請在我們的網站post及/或登記!